April volunteer of the month - Rick Cramer

The Danielson Veterans Coffeehouse Volunteer of the Month is Rick Cramer.  Rick participate in many Coffeehouse activities in town when the need arises and we THANK Rick for unselfish support when needed.


March volunteer of the month - ken Jorrits

The Danielson Veterans Coffeehouse March Veteran of the Month is Ken Jorrits.  He is always one of the first veterans arriving at the Coffeehouse every Tuesday morning and comes from Northbridge, MA.  He assists in signing veterans in and welcoming them.  THANK YOU KEN for all you do.


February voliunteer of the month Chuck lalumiere

The Danielson Veterans Coffeehouse Volunteer of the Month is "Chuck" Lalumiere.  "Chuck" is always there to assist in cleaning up after each Morning and Evening Coffeehouse and visiting nursing homes to socialize with veterans.....we SALUTE and THANK him for weekly help.


january volunteer of the month

Jack Tucker

The Danielson Veterans Coffeehouse January Veteran of the Month, Jack Tucker on the left.  Jack has been instrumental in helping to organize other Coffeehouses and setting up the new Willimantic Coffeehouse.  He also assists transporting wheelchair veterans to the Coffeehouse and helping supply weekly snacks for light breakfast.  The ship's bell in the middle was donated by Jack and is used to start our weeking Coffeehouse.......A BIG THANK YOU to Jack for his unselfish deeds......we do notice what he does.

December veteran & volunteer of the month


Marilyn & Meredith

Meredith & Marilyn are the Coffeehouse Veterans/ Volunteer for the month of December. 

They bake, buy and solicit great nourishing foods (well almost) & all kinds of fruits, drinks, cakes and pastries every week for the veterans. They set us the day before and clean up weekly and assist the handicapped vets.  Marilyn is in charge of the Dazzle Light Parade and it was GREAT this year and the Coffeehouse made a fantastic showing in Putnam.  Meredith has successfully run two profitable years of our Veteran's Calendar Project.  THESE TWO WOMEN are very instrumental in the success of the Danielson Veterans Coffeehouse.  A BIG THANK YOU to both of them. 

November Veterans of the Month

Pete Houle & Lou Trahan

The Danielson Veterans Coffeehouse would like to recognized Pete Houle & Lou Trahan as November Veterans of the Month.  They come in early each Tuesday and set up chairs and tables and stay afterwards to put everything back.  We also thank them for shampooing the rugs at St. John's Lutheran Church, as the church was kind enough to let us have our Coffeehouse for the summer months.

Thank you Pete & Lou.


July volunteer of the month


Matt Ward, Coast Guard Veteran

Matt Ward was chosen as the Volunteer of the month for July. Matt coordinated the Coffeehouse participation in the Killingly Concert Series evening music program this summer.  THANK YOU MATT

August volunteer of the month

Bob Lalumeiere

Bob was the August Volunteer of the Month

Bob did all the coordination for the Danielson Veterans Coffeehouse's first participation in the Moosup V-J Day parade. A lot of co-ordination and work went into  this V-J Day Parade planning.  Rhode Island is the only state that it is a state holiday and Connecticut is the only state that has a V-J Day parade, victory over Japan.